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Support Packages

Standard Migration & Support process.

Dedicated Product Advisor Accessible for the 15 days of the Operations.

Product Advisor Assists in Executing 7-Step Migration & Integration Process.

Complete Assistance & Training for Better Acceptance.


Enterprise Package

Access to the Dedicated Product Advisor for 30 days of the Operations.

Our Team Will Take Care of the Entire Migration & Integration Process.

Complete On-boarding Service with One to One Training.

$ 2499/-

Dedicated Resource

Our Dedicated Product Advisor Will Prepare, Modify & Tune Your Data in CAOA.

Rules, Alert & Setup Optimization for Your Practice.

In-Depth Data & Process Review, Counselling and Guidance for Better Result.

$ 499/ Day

For All the Service Plans, We Follow a
7-Step CAOA-Promised Seamless Adoption Process.

Bulk Data Transfer

1. Bulk Data Transfer

Data Sheet Preparation.
Irrespective of Service Package, Our Team will Upload Employee, Client, Group, Country, State, City, Department, Task, Sub-Task/ Checklist, File Location & Label and Document Name Master Data in Bulk.

Master Data Fill Up

2. Master Data Fill Up

Applicaton Engineered for Your Firm's Needs, By filling the Company and Multi-Company Master, Tax Master, Role Creation System, Payment API setup, Ecommerce Integration, Conveyance Setup & Other Integration.

Configuration & Setup

3. Configuration & Setup

Based on Your Preferences, Financial Year, Role, Hierarchy, SMTP, Auto Email/SMS Notification, Mobile App, Field Master & Other Modules are Set Up.

Work Allocation & Other Process

4. Work Allocation & Other Process

Task Applicability, Task allocation, Invoice & Currency setup, Document Tracking, Account Ledger, Conveyance, Email/SMS Scheduler, and Other Work Processes are Set Up.

Live Data Training

5. Live Data Training

Comprehensive Role & Module-Based Training for All Users. We Maintain Realistic Datasets to Give You the Most Applicable Training and Guidance for Better Results.

Payroll Setup & Training

6. Payroll Setup & Training

‘Setup to Execution’ Training Provided to all Concerned Members.

Go Live Preparation & Counselling

7. Go Live Preparation & Counselling

Admin Interactions and Counselling for Frictionless Adoption.

Add Ons

Extra User Purchase

You can purchase extra user from the customer login. Price would be as per purchase plan & agreement.

Extra Memory Space Purchase

You can purchase extra space for your CAOA Software from the customer login.

SMS Purchase

You can purchase additional SMSes for your CAOA Software from the customer login.

“For further details or purchase procedure, contact our Product Advisor”