CA Office Automation Updates

Date What's New Menu Page URL
30-April-2017 Employee work progress remarks in all reports page Employee, Task, Current Job
25-April-2017 Work employee option in Task Approval page Task Approval
18-April-2017 Pan card/Other Taxes Number fields are added in client master Client
14-April-2017 Employee code field in employee master Employee
11-April-2017 Account holder name in company master Setup
11-April-2017 Account holder name in Bill/Invoice print Account
09-April-2017 Dynamic SMS facility Document
07-April-2017 In approved task list added facilities of edit description and predefined bill amount Task
05-April-2017 Email Module Email
01-July-2017 Appointment, TODO And Event Management (Calendar Control) Dashboard
01-July-2017 invoice format as per gst norms Invoice/Setup
01-August-2017 Document Tracking Document
01-September-2017 Payroll Module Payroll
01-December-2017 In client login display company name in header In application header section
01-December-2017 Given Company And Remarks edit facility in Invoice. Account
01-December-2017 In Task Information page add filter like multi select status filter, effective date filter, bill status filter and add more detail in list. Task
01-January-2018 Given company wise logo in Bill and Receipt Print. Account
01-January-2018 Given Export to Excel facility in Task Approval Page. Task
01-January-2018 TDS amount displayed in Receipt Print. Receipt
01-January-2018 TDS amount displayed in Receipt Print. Receipt
01-January-2018 Given one more report page i.e. ONGOING TASK that display where task is standing and which employee is working with respective order of subtask and where task is standing. Task
01-January-2018 Given facility to add multiple mobile no. in client master page to send sms to multiple no. Client
01-January-2018 Added one new page to update multiple data of approved task like deadline date, effective date, Task Admin etc… on single click Task
01-February-2018 Added facility to save all in Job Summary page. Dashboard
01-February-2018 You can add your digital signature in Company Master and it’s reflecting in invoices and receipts print. Setup
01-February-2018 Added Client Legal Document List in Job Summary Page. Dashboard
June-2018 Proforma Invoice Facility
In Account menu -> At Last we add proforma invoice facility
We have added facility of proforma invoice so you can generate proforma invoice first instead of invoice and at later stage you can transfer proforma invoice to invoice.
June-2018 In ongoing Task Page We have added filter named Task Admin
In Task Menu -> Last Page Ongoing Task
We have added one filter named Task Admin to narrow search result or if you want to show data task admin wise then you can view that data.
June-2018 All Email Template design Updates
All auto email has been updated with new designs.
July-2018 Add Country And State Master
In Setup Menu -> City Master (Add Tab Country And State)
Also added master page to add country and state data.
July-2018 Add Country And State Dropdown in CA Master, Employee Master And Client Master
In Setup Menu -> Company Master
In Employee Menu -> Employee Master -> New Employee
In Client Menu -> Client Master -> Add Client
You can add employee, Client And Company detail with country and state details.
July-2018 In set recurrence page added one filter named IT Status filter
In Task Menu -> Task Applicability -> set recurrence task
In this page we have added one filter IT Status.
July-2018 We have given facility to edit inward document in inward page till inward not verified.
In Document Menu -> Inward -> Inward List (Edit Data)
We have given facility to edit inward document in inward page till inward is not verified.
July-2018 In Employee page we have given to add multiple email ID of Employee
In Employee Menu -> Employee Master -> New Employee
We have added feature to add multiple email id of employee in employee master.
July-2018 Given multiple selection option in "Calculate On" dropdown in pay element master
In Payroll Menu -> Setup -> Pay Element Master -> Add Pay Element
Given multiple selection option in "Calculate On" dropdown in pay element master, here you can calculate particular pay element on other pay elements.
July-2018 Given option to define rules of " Early Going / Late Coming " And " Leave Pass " based on designation wise
In Payroll Menu -> Payroll Policy -> Leave Pass Policy
Now you can define rules of " Early Going / Late Coming " And " Leave Pass " based on designation.
July-2018 Display " Early Going / Late Coming " And " Over time " Information in Attendance List Page After Salary Processed
In Payroll Menu -> Attendance -> Attendance List
Display " Early Going / Late Coming " And " Over time " Information in Attendance List Page.
Sept - 2018 Given option for changing deadline date, effective date and task admin, that is possible using Update Approved Task option
In Task-> Task Approval -> Updated Approved task
Nov - 2018 Put invoice due date in Invoice page.
In Account -> Bill/Inoice
Also put filter in invoice list to serach due date of invoices.
Account -> Bill/Invoice List
Dec - 2018 Multi currency option is available
Client can set multi currency company wise and also client wise also
Setup -> Company Master -> Currency
Client -> Client Master -> Client Information -> Currency
Jan - 2019 Put dynamic fields in Company Master, Employee Master, Client Master using this fields, can add addition data that client wants. And first two dynamic fields of Company Master and Client Master will be shown in Invoice format.
Setup -> Company Master ->Extra fields
Employee -> Employee Master -> Add Employee
Client -> Client Master -> Add Client
Feb - 2019 Android Mobile Application is available on play store now. General
Mar - 2019 Email SMS Scheduler Module is available in the CAOA Application now which is used to schedule Email and SMS for Task, Invoice, Client, Employee. Email-SMS Scheduler
Apr - 2019 Given option of client ledger in account menu
Account -> Client Ledger
May - 2019 Multiple financial year is put in CAOA Application
Setup -> Start New Finacial Year
Client -> Client Master -> New Client ->Financiyal Year
June - 2019 Now you can select Invoice format of your choice from available templates, currently 2 formats are available will add new formats soon.
Setup -> Company Master -> Invoice
Set Up
July - 2019 Enriched client login with below amendment.
Client Login
Client Login
July - 2019 Give Auto notification option on advance receipt creation. That you can manage in email/SMS configuration page.

Give option to send email/SMS when employee select "Client Side Pending" status in Job Summery Page. You can manage it from "Email/SMS Configuration" page.
Add approve and not approved status filter in multiple outward page.

Added Mobile Notification Configuration page in Setup menu to manage mobile app notifications.
General Updates
Aug - 2019 You can add quick links on dashboard page and directly switch to that page.

You can customize the quick links as per your choice.

Can add external links like social media links.
Dynamic Quick Links
Home Page
Aug - 2019 Here you can see the list of the clients, they are already in your client-list, but you have not started any serves for them yet.
Task-> Task Applicability -> Vacant Client