CA Office Automation Update

Date What's New Menu Page URL
30-April-2017 Employee work progress remarks in all reports page Employee, Task, Current Job
25-April-2017 Work employee option in Task Approval page Task Approval
18-April-2017 Pan card/Other Taxes Number fields are added in client master Client
14-April-2017 Employee code field in employee master Employee
11-April-2017 Account holder name in company master Setup
11-April-2017 Account holder name in Bill/Invoice print Account
09-April-2017 Dynamic SMS facility Document
07-April-2017 In approved task list added facilities of edit description and predefined bill amount Task
05-April-2017 Email Module Email
01-July-2017 Appointment, TODO And Event Management (Calendar Control) Dashboard
01-July-2017 invoice format as per gst norms Invoice/Setup
01-August-2017 Document Tracking Document
01-September-2017 Payroll Module Payroll