Change in Work Patterns for Service Industry After COVID-19

In one of our earlier blog posts, we expounded on how professional services firms can harness cloud applications’ power to organize their companies amidst the COVID-19 effect. Some firms have a culture of establishing cause and effects. Till they are haven’t pinned down the necessary problem, they will not proceed with adapting the right solution. Hence, […]

Accounting Firms

We hope you and your team are doing well. We are working hard to build tools that will help your business resume at its full capacity of excellence, as soon as the pandemic settles. The visionary operators in the Accounting Services business already knew that the industry was up for disruption. Enterprise Technology loaded with […]

Howard Marks, a legendary investor, says in his famous memos – it is nearly impossible to forecast the future accurately; but, you can still prepare for it. The COVID-19 effect has been on the businesses that have been left exposed due to outdated enterprise management infrastructure. No one could have predicted the pandemic and its impact. Now […]

SaaS-based Accounting Practice Management Software

With advances in cloud computing, SaaS has become the de-facto standard to software distribution, and this goes for accounting practice management software too. A SaaS-based accounting practice management software offers various benefits over traditionally hosted software systems. The cost of monthly subscriptions is a lot lower than that of software acquisitions. You don’t have to […]