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Countless Insights from Industry Leaders.

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One Platform. All Solutions

8+ Integrated Modules

Achieve a Connected User Experience with All Your Essential Tools in One Place.

Workflow Automation

Streamline and Automate Your Workflow Processes, No Matter the Complexity.

Web & Mobile Platform

Manage all your office activities on a blazing fast web & mobile platform.

Bank-Grade Security

Latest security with Bank-Grade SSL & Microsoft Azure-Dedicated Server.

Complete Onboarding

Seamless Adoption, Expert Training, and Smooth Data Migration.

Umbrella Solution

Seamlessly Unify Your Software Needs on a Single Platform.

Seamlessly Integrate CAOA with 5000+ Applications on a Single Platform

Seamless Integrations: Empower Your Team to Communicate, Collaborate, and Coordinate Work Effortlessly.


Experience Advanced Practice Management Modules

Task Management Module

Task Management Module

Experience the Power of CAOA's Task Management Module, Automating Task Assignment and Keeping You Updated with Real-time Updates. Streamline Your Workflow, Make Informed Decisions, and Achieve Your Goals with Satisfied Clients.

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Client Management Module

Client Management Module

Effortlessly Manage Client Activities on the Go. Create Client Groups, Assign Login Credentials, and Generate Reports with Ease. Simplify Client Management with CAOA.

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Document Management Module

Document Management Module

Track Inward/Outward Documents and Provide Instant Access to Clients with Just a Few Clicks. Enable Easy and Flexible Document Transfer and Maintain a Central Client Document Repository for Your Team.

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Account Management Module

Account Management Module

Effortlessly Manage and Track Financial Activities for Multiple Clients. Generate Automated Financial Reports and Accept Online Payments in Multiple Currencies with an Integrated Solution. Simplify Account Management and Enhance Financial Efficiency with CAOA.

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Payroll Management Module

Payroll Management Module

Effortlessly Manage the Complete Salary Cycle for Your Employees, Aligned with HR Policies and Guidelines. Develop a Comprehensive Leave Management System for Different Types of Leave. Utilize the One-Click Salary Calculation Tool for Easy and Accurate Payroll Processing.

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Employee Management Module

Employee Management Module

Manage Your Staff by Centralizing Employee Database, Documents, Roles, Hierarchy, Attendance, Timesheets, Work Reports, and Communications in One Place. Track Employee Logins and Streamline Communication Effortlessly.

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Make accounting faster, more accurate with CAOA

Different Services to Match Your Requirements

SaaS-based Services

Seamless Cloud Solutions on Microsoft Azure: Experience Flexibility with Pay-as-You-Go Option.

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Institutational Tie Up for Members

Empowering Growth: Partnered with National & Multinational Accounting Bodies

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Consulting Services

Driving Growth and Innovation: Professional Consulting Services You Can Trust.

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Private Cloud Services

Unleash the Power of Private Cloud Services for Secure Data Management and Collaboration.

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Customization services

Your Vision, Customized: Partnering with Us for Personalized Solutions

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E-Commerce & Web-presence

Unlock Your Digital Potential: E-Commerce and Web-Presence Strategies for Growth

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Support & Deployment Services

Seamless Support and Enterprise Deployment Solutions: Streamlining Workflow for Optimal Efficiency

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White Label Solution

Amplify Your Brand: Unleashing the Power of Customized White Label Solutions on Private Cloud.

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Practice management software for accounting firms

It’s Time to Streamline Your Firm

Running an accounting firm demands seamless coordination and collaboration. You deserve an all-in-one practice management software that empowers your firm, team, and clients. Streamline your processes and work together effortlessly at every stage of your accounting journey.

CA Office automation provides essential tools for effective communication, time tracking, and delivering an exceptional client experience. Retain clients and foster growth with ease.

Practice Management Software Across the Globe

Over 6000+ Accounting Firms Have Trusted the CAOA

Elevate Your Firm to Unprecedented Success with CAOA’s Advanced ERP Software. Seamlessly Streamline Your Workflows, Boost Efficiency, and Unleash Actionable Insights through Our Feature-Rich Platform Tailored Exclusively for the Accounting Industry. Propel Your Growth to New Heights and Experience the Future of Accounting Technology Today.


Here's Why Industry-Leaders Choose CA Office Automation


Engineered for CPA/CA & Accounting Firms, Backed by Insights from Industry Leaders.

Global Accounting

Empowering Global Accounting Excellence.Trusted by Over 6,000+ Accounting Firms Worldwide.

Secure Platform

Built on the Robust and Secure Microsoft Azure Platform, Offering 100% Protection. Available for Mobile and Desktop.

Support and Training

Comprehensive Support and Training: Seamless Adoption, Expert Training, and Smooth Data Migration. Backed by 15 Years of Valuable Feedback.

We are working with many National & Multinational Accounting Bodies

to regulate & strengthen their accounting standard with a sustainable advantage.

  • Affiliated with The International Federation of Accountants (IFAC)
  • Delivering services to The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) & Its 30+ International chapters, benefiting their 90,000+ members.
  • Associated with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants & Hong Kong Government TVP scheme
  • Associated with The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA)
  • Proud member of MGI Worldwide, a distinguished Global accounting Network
  • Seamlessly integrates with over 5000+ applications, expanding your capabilities
  • Proudly empowering over 6,000+ accounting firms globally, solidifying our top position
  • Recognizing that customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our success, we strive to deliver exceptional service at every step of the journey
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