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Steer crucial firm choices and enhance productivity

Enhance decision-making capabilities. Customized reports provide comprehensive information on your team's essential productivity, efficiency, and client interaction measurements.

Track and optimize staff utilization to achieve a more efficient and productive team.

User-friendly reports designed specifically for the contemporary work environment simplify performance monitoring. Maintain strict control over task completion, job efficiency, and overall efficacy.

As tasks evolve, your analytics are automatically refreshed, providing you with precise data to facilitate well-informed decision-making.

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Identify areas to enhance service fees and bolster the profitability of your firm.

Boost your enterprise and expand revenue streams through actionable insights.

Accurately estimate and monitor time allocations to gain a comprehensive understanding of budgeted tasks, optimize staff utilization, allocate resources effectively, and unearth performance indicators that can revolutionize your firm.

Take proactive measures to effectively oversee client satisfaction.

Effortlessly handle client interactions by centralizing all relevant information in a unified platform. Accessible from any location, this platform provides comprehensive access to client contact details, ongoing jobs, assigned tasks, pertinent documents, and team communications.

Gain insights into the clients that require the most attention from your team, identify outstanding tasks for specific clients, and assess whether your team is dedicating adequate focus to the most valuable clients.

Features Of Business Analytics


Readily understandable reports that provide comprehensive information on crucial output and efficiency measurements.

Client Analysis

Gain an understanding of the clients who consume the most time and identify your most valuable clientele.

CAOA Dashboard

Effortlessly observe and optimize the ongoing tasks within your team's workflow.

Report Exports

Acquire client or work data in spreadsheet format for independent analysis and evaluation.

Admin Dashboard

Monitor the performance of your top-performing team members and clients.

Work Lists

Tailor-made displays of your critical tasks, showcasing the most relevant information for effective management.

Time & Budgets

Accurately estimate and monitor time allocations to gain insights into profitability and effectively allocate resources.

Activity Timelines

Access a collaborative record of emails, notes, tasks, and overall activity associated with any job or client.

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