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Aug 10, 2022
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Accounting Practice Management Software Quick Buying Guide 2021

With so many practice management tools out there each promising to make your accounting firm more efficient, finding that one perfect solution for your accounting practice can be a daunting task. If you’re seeking the best price to feature ratio, you may miss out on features crucial to your practice. If you mix and match, you may end up spending unnecessary time switching between different tools. Ideally, a practice management software must have these features in 2021:

1. Project management

Project management software can cut the chaos associated with running your accounting practice firm by streamlining routine accounting and employee management tasks. It allows you to check pending, completed, and active tasks, to whom they are allocated to, and what is their expected completion time.

The system can prompt you if you have one or more tasks taking longer than expected time to complete. Moreover, you can visualize the data from the software on an analytics engine to identify threats and opportunities and optimize your existing workflows.

2. Cloud-based document management

Document management software replaces your file cabinets and flooding drawers of documents and files, allowing you to store copies of your documents in various secure cloud locations.

A team member can access these docs if you grant them explicit permissions. They no more have to visit the office just for the sake of collecting a document. They can request the document.

With seamless collaboration, document management software saves you the time you can spend on doing actual accounting work for your client. An integrated cloud-based document management system allows you to go paper-free.

3. Customer relationship management (CRM)

A modern customer relationship management software can manage your client’s entire journey from when they were a mere lead. You can file casework, upload documents, allocate tasks from their profile, and improve efficiency using automation. In addition, a CRM can track personal information on your clients and prospects allowing you to aptly connect with them. For example, a modern CRM will send automated felicitations on their birthdays and anniversaries.

4. Re-brand & Customize as your own

A practice management software that could be branded or customized as needed is always a win-win opportunity for your employees as well as clients. Solutions like White Label services not only allow you (the end-user) to rebrand the application with your logo but also provides benefits like installation and hosting the application on your private server. CAOA offers a white-label solution for end-to-end single-client usage that is unique to each of your practice needs along with solving your key challenges.

Summing it up

While there are more features in accounting practice management software, these are some of the necessary features you can look forward to in 2021. SaaS is pretty much the standard form of software distribution these days and all major vendors offer various subscription tiers to their accounting practice management software offering. Cloud-based software solutions are accessible, maintainable, secure, and upgradable.

With CAOA, we closely work with our clients throughout the process, focusing on their needs, targets while taking care of the budget. Along with tons of features to automate your work processes, help you manage your work, employees, clients, billing, payment, payroll, communication, documents, meetings, follow-ups, due dates; we keep our support team always available for all the CAOA users.

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