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Aug 11, 2022
Information Technology

Preparing Accounting Firms Against the COVID-19 Disruption

We hope you and your team are doing well. We are working hard to build tools that will help your business resume at its full capacity of excellence, as soon as the pandemic settles. The visionary operators in the Accounting Services business already knew that the industry was up for disruption. Enterprise Technology loaded with automation and analytics was changing the way we added value to the business of our clients. The onset of this pandemic has just accelerated that adoption process. Now, more than ever, integrating technology into our business processes has become an imperative need.

Work from Home – A Challenge that Can Be Turned into an Opportunity.

The Work from Home culture began as a workaround to implement social distancing. On the face of it, WFH did not seem like a great alternative – teams felt disoriented, fatigued, and distracted. But leading accounting firms are seeing this as an opportunity to reinvent their business. If the firm can be managed with lesser resources and more flexible Work from Home policies, efficient operations are highly achievable. This is a great time to test your plans for remote working and productivity management, so you may scale them when the situation improves in the very near future.

What Should You Manage for Maximum Value-Creation as an Accounting Firm?

No matter how complex it may seem, all major accounting firms derive their success with some optimization between Resources, Clients, Work Processes, Communication, Documents, and Finance. Many of these areas of the business have been disrupted because of social distancing and remote working. The work culture in each office is different. But, eventually, every firm will have to adapt, reflect, and improve.

We have been producing value for Accounting Firms by providing adaptive and automated enterprise management tools for the past decade. In the last few weeks, the number of queries we saw has grown by over 4x. It gives us immense pleasure in knowing the firms, like yours, are choosing us to be their technology partners as they sail through these tough times. Our CA Office Automation systems empower teams and business operators to manage Resources, Clients, Work Processes, Communication, Documents, and Finance – while maintaining social distancing or even working remotely. To add to this, all the features are available on our mobile app and our cloud platform. If you want to harness the challenge of this pandemic to reinvent the way you run your accounting firm and want a proven technological solution to help you with it, please feel free to get in touch with our team.

We Have Just the Right Solution for You.

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