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Enhanced app connectivity with CAOA.

We understand the importance of seamless connectivity between your firm’s applications. That’s why CAOA offers robust integration capabilities that enable your apps to connect and work together seamlessly. Whether you need to integrate with your CRM, document management system, or other third-party tools, CAOA provides the necessary APIs and integration options to facilitate smooth data exchange and workflow synchronization. By leveraging our platform, you can enhance collaboration, automate processes, and maximize the efficiency of your firm’s operations. Experience the power of better app connectivity with CAOA.

Contact Sync

Via Zapier
With CAOA’s Zapier integration, you can easily sync and manage your contacts across different systems and applications. Our contact sync feature ensures that your client and contact information remains up-to-date and consistent across all integrated platforms.


Connect your Gmail account to CAOA to bring your email into your workflow. Email in CAOA becomes part of your workflow and is connected to your team. Create inwards add comments, and share with colleagues.

Hubspot CRM Sync

Via Zapier
With Karbon’s Zapier integration, you can:

Access newly created or updated Organization or Contact data to trigger updates in other apps. Update Organizations or Contacts with data from other apps


Connect to 5,000+ apps including cloud accounting tools, CRMs, and marketing solutions.

Build Custom Solutions Painlessly with the CAOA API

Leverage the power of the CAOA API to develop custom solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Our API provides a comprehensive set of endpoints, methods, and resources that enable you to integrate and extend the functionality of the CAOA platform. Whether you want to automate workflows, extract data for reporting and analysis, or create custom integrations with other systems, our API makes it possible. With thorough documentation, developer resources, and support from our team, you can build your custom solutions painlessly and unlock the full potential of the CAOA platform. Get started with the CAOA API and bring your ideas to life.

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See What You Can Build with the CAOA API

The CAOA API empowers you to unleash your creativity and build innovative solutions for your accounting firm. With our robust API, you can integrate CAOA with other applications, automate workflows, extract and manipulate data, create custom reports, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Imagine building a custom client portal that seamlessly integrates with CAOA, allowing your clients to access and interact with their financial information in real-time. Or create a specialized reporting tool that consolidates data from multiple sources, providing comprehensive insights and analytics for your firm.

With the CAOA API, you have the freedom to tailor the platform to your specific needs and unlock new opportunities for efficiency, collaboration, and growth. Explore the potential and see what incredible solutions you can build with the CAOA API.

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If you operate as a B2B SaaS company, we specialize in collaborating with vendors to integrate systems, streamline processes, and optimize data management within accounting firms. We invite you to join us in our mission to enhance customer experiences, expand user reach, and foster collaborative innovation. Let’s work together to revolutionize the way accounting firms operate.

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