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Automation & visibility

Embrace the power of task automation and process standardization to revolutionize your workflow.

By automating tasks and standardizing processes, you can significantly reduce the time spent on administrative work, enabling you to allocate more time to delivering valuable services to your clients.

Achieve greater focus and minimize wasted effort through streamlined operations.

Experience enhanced focus and minimize wasted effort through optimized operations. By implementing efficient systems and processes, you can eliminate unnecessary distractions and allocate your attention where it matters most. With streamlined workflows and automated tasks, you can direct your energy towards high-priority initiatives, maximizing productivity and achieving better outcomes. Reduce time spent on non-value-added activities and channel your efforts towards meaningful work, resulting in increased effectiveness and overall success.

Unlock the power of automation and gain enhanced visibility with our comprehensive solutions.

With an array of inclusive solutions, CAOA revolutionizes automation and efficiency within your accounting firm, regardless of geographical location, delivering unparalleled benefits to your operations.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Managing tasks, subtasks & deadlines is surely a tedious job, but with CAOA you can organize your team’s workflow, make better decisions, and achieve more of your goals with satisfied clients.

Client Management Module

Manage all client activities from your mobile. Create client groups & client wise login credentials to add or remove client’s information. Search clients using variety of filters & generate...

Document Management Module

Track every inward/outward documents and make it available to clients in just a few clicks. Allow your team to have easy & flexible document transfer & central client document repository...

Payroll Management Module

Manage complete salary cycle of your employee aligned with HR policies and guidelines. Develop leave management system for different types of leave. Use one click salary calculation tool...

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