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Manage all client’s information with Account Management Tool

Why Account Management Tool Is Important?

Accounting service is about bringing in a great client experience, the relationship you build with your clients brings consistent loyalty. The whole purpose of CAOA’s account management tool is to define & nurture value-added relationships between you, your business, and your clients. With the CAOA account management module you can manage all client’s information on a single dashboard which includes viewing individual details such as ongoing projects or deals accepted in the history of accounts. It helps you keep track of project progress by viewing their status and motivating your sales team to close deals faster. It proactively sends status updates to the clients via SMS/Emails.

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How it works

Better & Easy Way to Start Your Account Management


Multiple Accounts

Multiple client accounts & company-wise invoice management


Track Transactions

Keep track of client transactions, invoices, and payment receipt


Multiple Currencies

Collect online payment against invoices in multiple currencies


Client Ledger

View and send client ledger with single click process

Highlights of Account Management Tool

Manage a 360-Degree View of Your Client’s Account


See, take printouts, and notify clients about the pending invoices

Payment Receipts

Create a receipt against an invoice and sent it to the client

Pending Invoices

Pending invoice list gives you the details of pending invoices

Margin Information

Get to know about the estimated cost of a particular task

Patty Cash

Manage and record daily expenses and deposits of multiple clients

Performa Invoices

Generate tax invoices of any services you provide to the client

Client Ledger

Generate client ledger with all transaction details of any client


Add reimbursement against services directly to the invoices


Manage multiple client transactions win multiple currencies

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