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Apr 02, 2023
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8 Ways to Impress Your Accounting Clients and Increase Retention

As an accountant, you know that providing excellent service is essential to retaining your clients. Let’s be real here. Accounting isn’t the most glamorous of industries. While your clients may recognize the necessity of having an accountant, they’re probably not that excited to schedule their monthly or quarterly meetings or increase spending on accounting services.

But believe it or not, you can provide your accounting clients with an experience that makes them not only likely to stick with you but can turn them into raving fans of your accounting practice. The good news is, that it shouldn’t be too challenging to impress your accounting clients with next-level service using the right tools and techniques. We’ll explore eight of them below.


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Let’s get started exploring ways to increase client retention in your accounting firm!

If you want to keep your clients happy and decrease the likelihood of them taking their business elsewhere, there are a few key things you can do:

  1. Use Cloud-Based Accounting Practice Management Software: One way to increase efficiency and wow your clients is by using cloud-based accounting automation software. This type of software allows you to work on your client’s accounts from anywhere. It also makes it easy to collaborate with your team and share documents with your clients. And, because it’s cloud-based, your clients can log in and view their account information from anywhere.
  2. Offer a Client Portal: A client portal is a great way to give your clients 24/7 access to their account information. They can view their invoices, make payments, and even schedule appointments without having to pick up the phone and call you. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your clients organized and in the loop on their account status.
  3. Be Transparent With Your Fees: No one likes surprises – especially when it comes to money. Be upfront with your clients about your fees from the get-go. This way, they won’t be blindsided by an unexpected bill down the road.

The Importance of Standardizing Your Accounting Firm’s Processes

  1. Use Technology to Stay Connected: There’s no excuse for not being reachable in today’s world. Whether your clients need to get in touch with you via email, phone, or text message, make sure you have the technology to stay connected. You can use automation to take it further by setting up auto-responses and appointment reminders.
  2. Collect Feedback and Use It to Improve: Finally, don’t be afraid to ask your clients for feedback. This is the only way to know what you’re doing well – and where you need to improve. Use client surveys, polls, and even one-on-one interviews to get the feedback you need to make your accounting practice even better.
  3. Make the Most of Client Meetings: Client meetings are your chance to shine. Make sure you’re prepared for each meeting by having all the relevant information at your fingertips, being on time, and dressing the part. And most importantly, take the time to get to know your clients on a personal level. These meetings are your opportunity to build relationships and show your clients that you care about more than just their bottom line.
  4. Invest in Client Relationship Management (CRM) Software: Another way to impress your clients is by using CRM software to manage your client relationships. This type of software can help you keep track of your client interactions, birthdays, and anniversaries. It can also help you manage tasks and projects related to your clients.
  5. Offer Value-Added Services: In addition to traditional accounting services, you can offer value-added services that will impress your clients and differentiate your practice from the competition. These services might include financial planning, estate planning, or tax planning.

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By following the tips above, you can create a fantastic experience for your accounting clients, keeping them coming back for more. And not only that, but you’ll also be able to increase client retention and grow your accounting practice. So, what are you waiting for? Start impressing your clients today!

CA Office Automation (CAOA) Software is specially designed to easily retain your accounting clients and manage your accounting practice. Our cloud-based software is designed to help you work smarter, not harder.

CAOA offers a Client Portal, which gives your clients 24/07 access to their account information. Plus, it’s a great way to keep your clients organized and in the loop on their account status.

What’s more, our software is transparent with your fees, so your clients won’t be blindsided by an unexpected bill. We understand the importance of being reachable, so we offer technology that allows your clients to get in touch with you via email, phone, or text message.

Finally, our software helps you collect feedback and use it to improve. And our team is always here to help you get the most out of our products.

To learn more about how we can help you impress your clients and grow your accounting practice, contact us today!

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