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Getting Started

These quick CAOA videos provide an introduction to managing work, clients, accounts, and to-do items, making them ideal for those who are new to the CAOA platform.

Explore the full potential of CAOA with our in-depth video series.

This in-depth dive into CAOA provides a comprehensive exploration of the features, functionalities, and capabilities of the CAOA platform. It offers a detailed understanding of how to maximize the benefits of CAOA for your accounting firm.

General Features

The perfect tool for accounting firms and CPAs. Organize tasks in a clear manner.


Task Management

Automate your workflow


Document Management

Manage office paperless


Client Management

Serve clients with the latest trend

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It is an intelligent ERP software for CPAs & accounting firms that can do wonders with automation. It is one-stop accounting practice management software that will empower your firm,  team, and clients at the same time.

It allows you to streamline your practice processes and work together quickly and efficiently at every step of your accounting process.

CA Office Automation offers specific tools to communicate effectively, track your time, and provide an ideal client experience to retain clients and expand.

It also provides real-time statistical data to the accountants, which helps them increase their productivity and provide better service to clients. Most importantly, it reduces human errors by automating accounting practice management tasks.

CAOA has many modules to manage your work effectively.

CA Office Automation provides Task Management, Document Management, Account Management, Payroll Systems, Employee Management, Client Management, Email/SMS scheduler, etc.

Yes, the mobile app is available for employees as well as clients.

You can use our Android as well as the IOS application.

The cost for CA Office Automation depends on the number of users you select. You can find the user costing on the pricing page.

10000+ users are using our software worldwide.

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